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RPRA Approves Transition Plan with Conditions that Impact Steward Fees

The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) has approved Stewardship Ontario’s Blue Box Program Transition Plan, subject to certain conditions, including the deferral of the Material Cost Differentiation (MCD) Methodology. Use of the Four-Step Fee Methodology was approved. In the Transition Plan, Stewardship Ontario proposed to use MCD as a new input to fee-setting to […]

Upcoming Final Single-use Battery Steward Invoices and Fee Reductions

As previously communicated, Stewardship Ontario delayed the issuance of final single-use battery steward invoices in order to maximize the level of surplus funds it could allocate toward the fee reduction. Final resolution of the outstanding steward adjustment has now been completed and Stewardship Ontario will be issuing the final invoices for the single-use battery program […]

Stewardship Ontario seeks new Directors to join its Board

We are currently looking for two industry directors to join us on our transition journey. Successful candidates will assist the board in fulfilling its fiduciary oversight obligations as Stewardship Ontario winds up its operations pursuant to its Transition Plans for Blue Box and MHSW. If you have a passion for or an interest in environmental […]

MECP releases draft Blue Box regulations

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) has developed a proposed producer responsibility regulation for the Blue Box Program under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 and proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation 101/94. The proposed regulation makes producers responsible for providing collection services to local communities, managing blue box materials and […]

2021 Blue Box Fees and Rules

2021 Blue Box Fee Rates In the Blue Box Program Transition Plan, Stewardship Ontario proposed to use MCD as a new input to fee-setting to provide better and more reliable data on the cost impacts of each material in the recycling system. Other Blue Box programs in Canada have already started the process of replacing […]

RPRA’s Consultation on the Proposed Blue Box Program Transition Plan

Thank you to all those who participated in Stewardship Ontario’s Blue Box Program Transition Plan consultation process throughout the spring and summer. After approval from the Board of Directors, Stewardship Ontario submitted its proposed Transition Plan to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA). RPRA has posted the Transition Plan and its consultation information here. […]

Single-use Battery Program Final Invoice Delay and Financial Update Webinar Materials

Thank you to those who joined us for today’s webinar to review details around single-use battery steward fee reductions and the process for returning residual funds. The webinar materials are now available on the MHSW wind up webpage under ‘Single-use Battery Program Wind Up – June 30, 2020’. Final Single-use Battery Steward Invoices Delayed As noted during […]


The Stewardship Ontario Board has reviewed finances in light of the recent Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) approval of the Industry Stewardship Organization (ISO) Surplus Fund Transfer Addendum and has set initial fee reduction schedules for some MHSW materials. Please visit the MHSW Wind Up webpage for more information.


The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority’s (RPRA) Board of Directors approved Stewardship Ontario’s ISO Surplus Fund Transfer Addendum to the MHSW Wind Up Plan. The addendum outlines the amount of surplus funds to be transferred to the Industry Stewardship Organizations (ISOs) as a lump sum and the process for Stewardship Ontario to recover reasonable unexpected costs related to the […]

MHSW Single-use battery program winds up June 30, 2020

As per Ministerial direction, the program for single-use batteries will wind up today, June 30, 2020. Stakeholders can find extensive wind up details outlined in the approved MHSW Wind Up Plan. A summary of key dates is below. Key dates for stewards: June 30, 2020: Single-use battery program terminates. July 31, 2020: Final supply report for Q2 data […]