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The Stewardship Ontario Board of Directors has decided to transition the governance of the organization to an Administrator appointed by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (the Authority), following the release of the final Blue Box and Hazardous and Special Products regulations.

The Board’s decision enables an orderly wind up of the Blue Box and Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste (MHSW) programs operating under the current funding models while allowing stewards to focus on meeting the requirements of the new extended producer responsibility regulatory framework.

The Administrator will oversee the work of Stewardship Ontario’s management team as it winds up the programs, with the MHSW Program winding up on September 30, 2021, and the Blue Box Program concluding on December 31, 2025, consistent with the plans for both programs previously approved by the Authority.

“I would like to thank all the directors who have served on the Stewardship Ontario Board for their service to the organization and the broader steward community,” said Robyn Collver, former Chair of the Stewardship Ontario Board of Directors. “Following approval of the wind-up plans, which set the course of Stewardship Ontario during the transition, this governance change allows steward representatives to prepare to take full responsibility for the collection and management of household hazardous and special products and Blue Box materials under the new regulations, furthering progress towards the goal of improving environmental outcomes for Ontarians.”

As part of this governance transition, Stewardship Ontario has created a Steward Advisory Group that will bring together industry representatives to advise the organization’s management team and the Administrator. The Steward Advisory Group will meet quarterly and provide feedback on the implementation of the Blue Box Program transition plan.