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About Stewardship Ontario

Stewardship Ontario is a not-for-profit organization financed by the businesses that supply designated products, packaging and printed paper to the Ontario market. In partnership with Ontario municipalities and First Nations communities, Stewardship Ontario has operated the province’s Blue Box Program for recycling printed paper and packaging since 2004.

The Ontario government is implementing a new approach to resource recovery in which businesses will be fully responsible for financing and operating activities for household recyclables and special waste. The current Blue Box Program began transitioning to full producer responsibility in the second half of 2023.

Between 2008 and 2021, Stewardship Ontario also operated the MHSW Program (also known as Orange Drop) for recycling and safe disposal of certain hazardous or special wastes. The MHSW Program ceased operations in September 2021, as planned, when the new producer responsibility model was applied to materials previously covered by the MHSW Program.

Stewardship Ontario will be fully wound up following the completion of the Blue Box transition at the end of 2025.