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Reporting involves submitting supplied quantities for each category of designated material in the WeRecycle Portal for all obligated years. 

With the introduction of simplified fee setting, most existing stewards are no longer required to submit detailed reports of material sales data to Stewardship Ontario. Circumstances where the simplified fee setting model will not apply are detailed in the Policy for Simplified Steward Fee Setting During the Blue Box Wind Up.

Generally, there are two types of obligated stewards that will need to submit reports:

  • New:  Where a steward has recently begun supplying materials, actual data will need to be submitted to the Portal for 2021 and 2022 sales period (two full years of data) to become eligible for simplified fees. Registration information for new stewards is available here.
  • Previously Unregistered: Program Rules published in 2016 require companies to submit reports for all obligated years since then and pay the associated fees, with invoices for back reports due immediately. Companies with historic obligations that do not file complete and accurate 2020 and 2021 reports prior to July 31, 2022, will not be part of simplified reporting and will have to file detailed reports for 2022 and annually until Stewardship Ontario is wound up.

Reporting information about data collection, material categories and calculating weights is detailed in the Producer Guide and the Reporting Hub. Materials not in scope for reporting are detailed in the Deductions and Exclusions Policy included as Appendix G in the Blue Box Rules.