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As previously communicated, Stewardship Ontario delayed the issuance of final single-use battery steward invoices in order to maximize the level of surplus funds it could allocate toward the fee reduction.

Final resolution of the outstanding steward adjustment has now been completed and Stewardship Ontario will be issuing the final invoices for the single-use battery program by the end of December.

As seen in the summary table below, the total fee reduction amount for the final invoices is $2.6 million. The total single-use battery fee reduction exceeded the original MHSW Wind Up Plan target by almost $1 million resulting in a total fee reduction of 76%.

Please note: Final financial reconciliations related to the single-use battery program will not be completed until the MHSW Program fully winds up on June 30, 2021. Resolution of final MHSW Program and financial obligations will require a few months to complete following the termination of the MHSW Program. If there are residual funds remaining in the program once all program financial obligations have been resolved, single-use battery stewards will be eligible to receive a final disbursement related to their participation in the MHSW Program. Stewardship Ontario will continue to provide financial updates related to program reserves, program costs and, if applicable, residual fund disbursements.

Further information regarding the wind up of the MHSW Program can be found on the MHSW Wind Up webpage.

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