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Consultation on calculating the potential cash portion of newspaper in-kind obligation

Stewardship Ontario has consulted with newspaper stewards and municipalities about proposed changes to the methodology for calculating whether a cash portion will apply to the in-kind obligation during the transition of the Blue Box Program for the 2024 and 2025 funding years. The consultation is only relevant for: Under the Blue Box Program Plan, NMC/OCNA […]

2023 Rules Consultation and ASM Resources Available

Resources from the October 26 Annual Steward Meeting (ASM) and draft Rules for 2023 are available on the Stewardship Ontario website. The 2022 Report to Stewards, the presentation file, a link to ASM replay and the Q&A summary are available on the ASM resources webpage. Stewardship Ontario’s budget process also includes an annual update to its Rules […]

Blue Box Simplified Fees Percentage Shares Available

With the implementation of simplified fee setting for the Blue Box program, annual fees are being calculated based on each steward’s percent share allocation of the Stewardship Ontario budget. Steward percent shares are now available on the WeRecycle Portal. Simplified fee setting eliminates the need for almost all stewards to report detailed annual supply-to-market data, […]

2022 Annual Steward Meeting

The 2022 Annual Steward Meeting (ASM) was held on Wednesday, October 26, and webcast via Zoom. ASM resources and related documents can be accessed by the below links:

MHSW Data Availability Notice

Stewardship Ontario is completing the final steps to close the MHSW Program. Stewards should note that MHSW data is being transferred to the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority per the MHSW Wind Up Plan. MHSW stewards will have access to their historical reports on the WeRecycle Portal until September 16, 2022. Individual steward data will […]

Stewardship Ontario Improving Website

Stewardship Ontario (SO) will be relaunching its website in the next few weeks. The new site will provide the same functionality to stewards but be delivered in a more intuitive, straightforward way. Other users will see the same benefit. The layout of the new site will be similar to the current one, simplifying the transition […]

Blue Box Simplified Fees Deadlines

With the recent final approval of Blue Box simplified fee setting most stewards will no longer need to report their annual supply data to Stewardship Ontario for the remaining years of the program, which ceases operations at the end of 2025. Stewards should note upcoming deadlines related to the implementation of simplified fees. For stewards […]

Blue Box Simplified Fees Approved

The Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) has provided final approvals for Blue Box simplified fee setting. Stewardship Ontario can confirm that most stewards will no longer need to report their annual supply data to Stewardship Ontario. RPRA had provided conditional approval of simplified fee setting on March 2, 2022. Stewardship Ontario has now satisfied the conditions and […]

Consultation on Blue Box Rules and new Policy for 2022

Following the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority’s (RPRA) recent conditional approval of the simplified fee-setting proposal for the Blue Box program, Stewardship Ontario will be consulting stakeholders about draft program Rules and a new Policy that will guide implementation. Following the approval, and once Stewardship Ontario satisfies the specified conditions, most stewards will not be […]

Blue Box Simplified Fees Conditionally Approved by RPRA

Stewardship Ontario’s simplified fee-setting proposal for the Blue Box Program recently submitted to the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) following stakeholder consultations has been approved with conditions. Following the approval, and once Stewardship Ontario satisfies the specified conditions, most stewards will not be required to submit detailed material reports to Stewardship Ontario. This change […]