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Stewardship Ontario (SO) will be relaunching its website in the next few weeks. The new site will provide the same functionality to stewards but be delivered in a more intuitive, straightforward way. Other users will see the same benefit. The layout of the new site will be similar to the current one, simplifying the transition process. And in addition, most of the content on the updated site will be transferred directly from the existing one. Materials which are out of date or not relevant to the Program’s transition will be removed.

The existing website technology has been in place for several years. Since SO’s launch in 2004 documents have been continually uploaded to the site and the navigation paths to reach specific materials have become increasingly complex. The updated site addresses this issue.

All material on the existing website will be maintained in an archive and will be accessible on an as-requested basis. A second announcement closer to the actual launch date will follow.