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2012 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report

As an Industry Funding Organization (IFO), Stewardship Ontario manages the end-of-life programs for the products and packaging its stewards produce. Industry stewards share the cost of the Blue Box Program with municipal government, paying fees close to $105 million in 2012. The Orange Drop Program, which is fully funded by industry, received steward contributions of […]

2011 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report

2011 marked our eighth year as guardians of Ontario’s Blue Box Program. It was a year in which 75 per cent of Ontario residents said they consider the Blue Box their primary pro-environment effort. As many as nine in ten consider it the main driver of recycling in the province. This past year, our Orange […]

2010 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report

In 2010, we exceeded our targets for the Blue Box Program for the seventh consecutive year — surpassing our target of 60 per cent by over five per cent. We met or exceeded collection and recycling targets for five of the nine materials in what was just the second year of Phase 1 of the Orange Drop Program (MHSW).
Further, we’re pleased that we built the organizational capacity needed to deliver against increasingly complex program requirements while maintaining sound financial results – managing steward fees and business investments well despite difficult business conditions.