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As industry moves towards full producer responsibility for Blue Box materials and obligations shift, we recognize the importance of ensuring that there is no real, potential or apparent conflict of interest as we develop and implement our wind up plan. To that end, all cross appointments between the Stewardship Ontario and CSSA boards have been eliminated. Management positions are being filled with qualified managers who while under contract to Stewardship Ontario, will not perform duties for CSSA or other current or future entities in the Ontario marketplace for packaging and printed paper.

As custodians of the Blue Box and Orange Drop (MHSW) programs, the Stewardship Ontario Board takes pride in fulfilling our mandate to the highest standard. The Board of Directors looks forward to developing a wind up plan and consulting with all stakeholders as it designs an approach for winding up Stewardship Ontario and the Blue Box Program Plan in accordance with the Minister’s August 15, 2019 direction letter to Stewardship Ontario. The Board was pleased to approve its proposed MHSW Wind Up Plan at its September 26, 2019 meeting for submission to RPRA for consultation and approval by December 31, 2019.

The Stewardship Ontario Board welcomes its new Chair, Robyn Collver, and its new Executive Director, Gemma Zecchini whose appointment is effective November 1, 2019. The Board has also adopted a robust Conflict of Interest Mitigation Plan. For the current list of directors and management of Stewardship Ontario, see here.

For copies of the August 15, 2019 Minister’s letter of direction to Stewardship Ontario for Blue Box see here.