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I am pleased to announce that Scott Tudor has joined Stewardship Ontario’s senior management team, taking on a newly created role to form and facilitate the Stewardship Advisory Group.

The formation of the Advisory Group was envisioned as part of a larger plan undertaken earlier this year to transition to new governance lead by Sue Lo. The Advisory Group will be a forum for the steward community to advise Stewardship Ontario as the existing Blue Box program transitions to full producer responsibility from mid-2023 to the end of 2025.

Scott has a wealth of experience in stewardship, extended producer responsibility (EPR) and sustainability in his professional career. He was a member of the Stewardship Ontario Board of Directors, Chair of the Governance Committee and most recently the Board’s independent director.

Scott has been personally engaged in Blue Box and other steward consultations.  He co-chaired the review of the Four-Step Fee Methodology, which was recently adopted by Stewardship Ontario. He was also one of three senior Board members who worked with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the City of Toronto in 2017 to strike an accord requesting the transition of the Blue Box Program to full EPR. Most recently, he successfully led the former Board’s initiative to move Stewardship Ontario to administrator-led governance.

A professional engineer, Scott retired from Sobeys in 2017 as Director, Sustainability following a nearly 20-year career at the food retailer. He also has experience in the transportation and primary metals industries.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity to congratulate Scott as he takes on his new role.

Lyle Clarke

Executive Director
Stewardship Ontario