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With the implementation of simplified fee setting for the Blue Box program, annual fees are being calculated based on each steward’s percent share allocation of the Stewardship Ontario budget. Steward percent shares are now available on the WeRecycle Portal.

Simplified fee setting eliminates the need for almost all stewards to report detailed annual supply-to-market data, reducing the administrative burden and program management costs during the Blue Box transition.

Stewardship Ontario has calculated each steward’s allocation based on the percent share of the 2021 and 2022 invoice years (which were based on reports submitted in 2020 and 2021, respectively). To obtain your steward allocation percent share, log in to the WeRecycle Portal:

  • Select the Past Reports tab
  • Select or Filter for 2022 Report
  • Click ‘View PDF’ for the Submission Detail Report, which will include the steward allocation percentage share calculations.

Steward allocation percent share will be applied to the 2023 fee budget to generate invoices to be distributed in January 2023. To estimate invoice amounts, multiply your share by $146,305,965.

Please contact us for assistance with questions about 2023 invoices: or 1-855-354-2772.