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2021 Blue Box Fee Rates

In the Blue Box Program Transition Plan, Stewardship Ontario proposed to use MCD as a new input to fee-setting to provide better and more reliable data on the cost impacts of each material in the recycling system. Other Blue Box programs in Canada have already started the process of replacing the Activity Based Costing (ABC) Methodology with MCD and have set 2021 steward fees using the Four-Step Fee Methodology and a 50/50 blend of the MCD and ABC methodologies.

Stewardship Ontario took the same approach in its proposed Transition Plan. We presented the 2021 steward fee schedule at the Annual Steward Meeting (ASM) while highlighting that it was still subject to approval as part of RPRA’s review and consultation on the Transition Plan.

With RPRA’s condition to defer MCD, we had to recalculate 2021 fees using the Four-Step Fee Methodology and ABC Methodology alone, without MCD. We encourage you to review the new, approved 2021 steward fee schedule.

2021 Blue Box Steward Rules

The 2021 Blue Box Steward Rules have been updated to reflect recent policy updates.