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MHSW  Rules

The above Rules for Stewards are for the period commencing January 1, 2020 until wind up of the MHSW Program.

** Original Rules for Stewards included as an appendix to the Wind Up Plan (for archive purposes only – please use amended Rules above)

The Rules govern steward reporting and payment obligations for the Orange Drop Program (MHSW) and are released periodically to align with any program changes. They are modified to:

  • Reflect changes to reporting and payment deadlines
  • Reflect changes in material definitions
  • Clarify the Rules for Stewards

As your primary resource, and an indispensable reference tool, the Rules for Stewards provide:

  • Criteria for designation of stewards and for determining residency in Ontario
  • Requirements for the submission of quarterly reports and the associated timetable
  • Information on situations where administrative fees or penalties and interest are applied, as well as instructions for record provision and retention, dispute resolution and other general issues
  • Definitions for each material, including examples and exclusions, the reporting category, and the unit(s) of measure
  • Cost components associated with developing and implementing the program
  • Glossary of key terms used in the Rules


Stewardship Ontario may publish on its website, currently at, interpretive memoranda and guidebooks describing its interpretations of these Rules and how it proposes to administer them. Interpretive memoranda cease to be valid upon the issuance of new Rules for Stewards.


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