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    • 2020 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      Stewardship Ontario continues to work with its partners and stakeholders to implement the changes required by the Waste-Free Ontario Act 2016, and the province’s move toward a circular economy and full producer responsibility. The wind-up of MHSW Program is underway and the program is scheduled to terminate in 2021. A plan for the transition of…
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    • 2019 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      Stewardship Ontario, our partners and stakeholders are beginning to implement a multitude of changes brought on by the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016, and the province’s move toward a circular economy and full producer responsibility. We are pleased to share with you our 2019 multi-stakeholder Annual Report where you can learn more about these ch…
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    • 2018 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      We are excited to share with you our 2018 Annual Report! Read about Stewardship Ontario’s partnerships, recycling initiatives, performance and financial stability. Over 822,900 tonnes of packaging and printed paper was recycled. Over 94% of Ontario households had access to the Blue Box program. Over 7,400 tonnes of MHSW material was collected a…
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    • 2017 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
    • 2016 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      We are excited to share with you our 2016 Annual Report!
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    • 2015 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      We are pleased to share with you our 2015 Annual Report! Click below to learn about Stewardship Ontario’s recycling performance over the last year, our new partnerships and projects, and consideration on how we will adapt to the ever evolving mix of materials (also known as “The Evolving Tonne”) that find their way into Ontarians’ blue…
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    • 2014 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      It has been another busy year for the organization as it continues its efforts to support recycling in the province through the Blue Box Program and the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program, or Orange Drop as Ontario residents know it.
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    • 2013 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      Our Annual Report has gone digital this year — an environmentally friendly way to review what we achieved in 2013. It’s all about Participation — the collective work of the stewards, service providers and consumers who contribute to our many recycling initiatives.
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    • 2012 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      As an Industry Funding Organization (IFO), Stewardship Ontario manages the end-of-life programs for the products and packaging its stewards produce. Industry stewards share the cost of the Blue Box Program with municipal government, paying fees close to $105 million in 2012. The Orange Drop Program, which is fully funded by industry, received ste…
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    • 2011 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      2011 marked our eighth year as guardians of Ontario’s Blue Box Program. It was a year in which 75 per cent of Ontario residents said they consider the Blue Box their primary pro-environment effort. As many as nine in ten consider it the main driver of recycling in the province. This past year, our Orange... Read More
    • 2010 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      In 2010, we exceeded our targets for the Blue Box Program for the seventh consecutive year — surpassing our target of 60 per cent by over five per cent. We met or exceeded collection and recycling targets for five of the nine materials in what was just the second year of Phase 1 of the Orange Drop Program (MHSW). Further, we’re pleased that…
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    • 2009 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      THINKING BEYOND THE BOX means we lead the way with efficiency and innovation, with experience and insight. Our mission is to drive sustainable, attainable product stewardship solutions for our partners that have a real impact on their business, the environment and the lives of Canadians. We all want sustainability and we all have a role to play. …
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    • 2008 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report
      This accounting of our activities in the past year marks two significant milestones in our corporate history. First, for the past five years we have successfully met the obligations of the Blue Box Program Plan under the Waste Diversion Act. Second, in 2008 we launched the new Municipal Hazardous and Special Waste Program which aims to increase t…
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    • 2008 Summary
      Creating Sustainable Communities through Responsible Environmental Stewardship
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