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Collection and Diversion

We track the quantities of hazardous or special materials that our stewards sell into the marketplace. Our performance is measured against annual provincial collection and diversion targets. We are also accountable for the accessibility of our Orange Drop Program (MHSW)—the number of sites where Ontario households can drop off nine categories of waste materials.

Aggregate Performance


Orange Drop Materials: 2013 Collection, Diversion and Financial Performance

Performance by Material Category

2013 Tonnes Collected


2013 Tonnes Diverted


Orange Drop Program (MHSW) Financial Performance

1 2013 surpluses and deficits are largely the result of per-unit-fee revenue received for Q1.
2 Deficits resulting from 2012 operations or accumulated to date will be used to offset future costs until drawn down.
3 Surpluses resulting from 2012 operations or accumulated to date will be used to offset future costs until drawn down.
4 Does not include surpluses and deficits resulting from 2012 operations.

Orange Drop Materials: 2011 Collection and Diversion


Orange Drop Materials: 2011 Diversion



Drop-off locations for Orange Drop (MHSW) materials include municipal recycling depots and events, automotive and return-to-retail locations, provincial parks and battery collection sites:


Funding from Stewards

The cost of operating the Blue Box Program is shared between stewards and municipalities. The Orange Drop Program (MHSW) is funded entirely by stewards (Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) model).

Funding from Stewards
1  Nine Phase 1 Materials

Program Expenses

Orange Drop 2 (MHSW):

Orange Drop Program Expenses 2013 $44.5M

Orange Drop Expenses 2012

Orange Drop Program Expenses 2012 $50.5M

Orange Drop Expenses 2012

Orange Drop Program Expenses 2011 $56M


Orange Drop Program Expenses 2010 $47.5M


Orange Drop Program Expenses 2009 $25.6M

Orange Drop Expenses 2009

2 Note that 100% EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) came into effect on July 1, 2010 resulting in different levels of program expenses between 2009 and 2011.

 Performance Audits


In 2011, Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO), the organization that oversees Stewardship Ontario, commissioned a third-party performance audit of our Waste Diversion Programs:


  • KPMG Incentive Program Review

Following a request from the Minister of the Environment, KPMG was retained by Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) to conduct an Incentive Program Review related to the development and implementation of financial incentives paid to service delivery partners by Industry Funding Organizations (IFOs). KPMG’s review focused on the Municipal Depot Transportation and Processing Incentive Program (MDT&PIP) as part of the Orange Drop Program (MHSW).

WDO submitted the KPMG recommendations to the Minister and the report was shared with stakeholders in May 2012. Stewardship Ontario then retained the services of KPMG to help implement the report’s recommendations.

As a result, we have strengthened our principles of good stakeholder engagement and formalized our stakeholder engagement practices to embed high performance standards in Stewardship Ontario’s corporate culture. We have also created a dispute resolution process that provides a clear framework for solving disagreements.

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