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Material Composition Studies

Stewardship Ontario sets steward fees each year for industry to fund their share of the Blue Box Program to recycle printed paper and packaging. As part of the fee setting process, we carry out curbside material composition studies to better understand the mix of materials put out by Ontario residents in their recycling and garbage, and we undertake Material Recycling Facility (MRF) material composition studies that examine the processed recyclables after they have been sorted in the MRF. We also undertake a study looking at  the end-to-end costs of municipal recycling operations. These studies, along with other information and data, inform the cost to manage each type of material, and their respective recovery rates for the purpose of setting fees.

  1. Introduction to the Material Composition Studies
  2. Curbside Material Composition Study
  3. MRF Material Composition Study
  4. Activity Based Cost (ABC) Allocation Study

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