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Recycle Right

Being an expert recycler is within your grasp – it just takes a little know-how! Here are some tips to help you recycle right so your recyclables can be effectively recycled and transformed into new packaging and products.

Recycle Right

Sort correctly

  • Always ensure that materials are being correctly sorted and separated into the right bin.
  • Place material loose in your blue bin.
  • Keep recycling containers in different rooms around the house to encourage recycling everywhere (the bathroom is a great place for one)!

Include only what’s permitted

  • Hazardous waste, such as propane cylinders and batteries, are dangerous if put in your recycling bin. Visit to find a safe disposal drop-off location near you.
  • Don’t put organics and food scraps in your recycling bin – they contaminate your clean recyclables – this includes containers with lots of leftover organic material!
  • Garbage contaminates your recyclables – keep it out of your recycling bin.
  • Donate old toys, kitchenware, electronics, durable goods (like furniture), and clothing if you can – they shouldn’t go in your recycling bin.

Not sure what goes where? Check your municipality’s website for guidance.

Recycle Clean

Empty and rinse containers

  • Ensure containers are empty – materials with leftover food or product will reduce their recyclability.
  • Take a second to rinse out all your containers before placing them in the recycling bin. That includes, jars, jugs, cans, cartons, bottles etc.

Keep paper dry

  • Clean, dry paper is best for recycling. Remove any food or product residue before placing paper in your recycling bin.

Recycling Matters

Recycling right makes a difference. Recycling diverts waste from landfill, conserves resources, saves energy, feeds a green economy, and contributes to a healthy Ontario. Read more about why it’s important to recycle right and what happens to your recycling.


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