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2010 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report

Published on March 7, 2013
...rgets for the Blue Box Program for the seventh consecutive year — surpassing our target of 60 per cent by over five per cent. We met or exceeded collection and recycling targets for five of the nine materials in what was just the second year of Phase 1 of the Orange Drop Program (MHSW). Further, we’re pleased tha…
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Ontario Family Business Closes the Loop on Sustainability

Published on December 1, 2013
...kaging materials recycled through the programs it manages—the Blue Box and Orange Drop. Recycling Council of Ontario—Is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization involved in the issues of consumption, waste generation, reduction, diversion and recycling. Canada’s Top Five Food Retailers Loblaw Companies L…
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Program Plans

Published on February 26, 2013
...elops and operates separate Program Plans for the Blue Box Program and the Orange Drop Program (MHSW). These plans were developed in cooperation with the WDO and approved by the Minister of the Environment. Stewardship Ontario is responsible for their implementation and is held accountable for achieving the Program P…
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2011 Stewardship Ontario Annual Report

Published on March 7, 2013
...sider it the main driver of recycling in the province. This past year, our Orange Drop Program continued to step beyond the box to broaden the scope of consumer recycling. The program has become increasingly visible and accessible in our communities, responding to the public appetite for eco-initiatives and further d…
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