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MHSW 2016 estimated budgets now available

In response to requests from stewards and with the aim of helping you better forecast your costs in the coming year, the MHSW Estimated Material Specific Budgets for 2016 are now available for your review. They are included as an appendix to the Performance to Budget Report for Q3 which is now available on the WeRecycle Portal.

The estimated material specific budgets are based on the costs to collect and manage materials, and is calculated using the tonnage needed to achieve target and/or the forecasted tonnage we expect to collect based on prior years’ performance. This budget is subject to approval by the Stewardship Ontario Board of Directors.

While there are no major shifts from 2015 to 2016 for most materials in terms of estimated budgets, there is one material that has a notable increase in the cost per tonne:

  • Paints and Coatings – the increase in cost per tonne is the result of the majority of stewards joining Product Care Association’s Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP). Several stewards declined to join the ISP, choosing instead to remain with Stewardship Ontario. As a result of lost economies of scale, the cost per tonne has doubled.

(Please note that references above to tonnage reflect tonnes collected not supplied; with collected tonnes being the cost driver.)


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