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Information for oil filter stewards

Oil Filters:

A suspension in fees for oil filter stewards was implemented in October 2013 to begin the drawdown of the surplus.  To date, we have not issued invoices and associated credit notes for this material group.  We are catching up on this accounting task in May.

What can Oil Filter stewards expect?

  • You will receive both an invoice and a credit note in the amount of the invoice for the Q4 2013 and Q1 2014 invoice periods

Why is this $0 paperwork necessary?

  • Stewards will want evidence that their payment obligation has been fulfilled for their own accounting purposes.  Having both the invoice and its associated credit note available for your records will accomplish this objective
  • Stewardship Ontario needs to maintain an accurate accounting of each stewards’ relative share of this surplus to enable the fair application of the fee suspension
  • Accurate accounting will allow for the calculation of the ATU to properly attribute the costs associated with any steward adjustments, and the correction of any seasonal cost/sales impacts to be applied fairly and equitably to all stewards in this category

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