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Information about 2015 Fee Schedule and Rules

2015 Fee Schedule and Blue Box Rules

Due to the arbitration, Stewardship Ontario was unable to provide stewards with an approved 2015 fee schedule at the October 15th Annual Steward Meeting.  Instead, Stewardship Ontario provided stewards with two fee scenarios: one which reflected Stewardship Ontario’s position on Best Practice Costs and one that reflected municipalities’ position on Reported Net Costs.

In the absence of an agreed upon 2015 obligation, stewards will be invoiced beginning April 1, 2015 based on the Net Reported Costs fee schedule, which can be found here. Stewardship Ontario believes that the 2015 fee schedule will raise adequate funds for the 2015 obligation because they are based on municipalities’ net reported costs.  Discussions with municipalities will commence shortly to determine the 2015 municipal obligation based on the reasons given in the arbitration award.

2015 Rules

You can access Stewardship Ontario’s approved 2015 Rules for Stewards here.  The 2015 Rules contain some changes from previous years’ rules – the most significant being the removal of the fee schedule from the Rules to be replaced by reference to the fee setting methodology in the Program Agreement.   This is permitted under the Waste Diversion Act and is consistent with other waste diversion programs.


To help answer any questions you may have about the 2014 and 2015 steward obligation and fees, we have included a Q&A document, available here.

If you have any other questions, please call the Steward Services team on 1-888-980-9549 or email We will combine all your questions and publish another Q&A.

Download 2015 Blue Box Program Plan Rules

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