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MHSW Updates for Pressurized Containers – Adjustments and Annual True Up

As you will recall, the work undertaken to improve reporting of pressurized containers was a two–part process: Part One being steward adjustments to their 2012 reports and Part Two being Stewardship Ontario running the 2012 Annual True Up.

We want you to know that we have finished Part One of this project and the steward adjustments are complete. Therefore, if you log onto the WeRecycle portal you are currently able to see your quarterly submission detail reports for pressurized containers. Despite these reports being visible on the portal, we ask that you do not submit payment based on these reports until we complete Part Two, which is the annual true up.

Stewardship Ontario is now in the process of conducting the 2012 ATU, which we expect to be completed within the next two weeks. For your convenience, once the ATU is complete, we will be providing you with all your invoices and/or credit notes at one time.

Thank you very much for your continued understanding during this phase of the project. Should you have any questions, please contact steward services by email or by dialing 1-888-980-9549.

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