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Reporter’s Agreement

The reporter’s agreement, which replaces the voluntary remitter process, is an agreement between an obligated steward (brand owner, first importer or franchisor) and a reporter whereby the reporter reports one or more municipal hazardous or special materials (MHSM) on behalf of the obligated steward. Without the agreement, the obligated steward would be responsible for reporting its own materials.

  • The decision to enter into a reporter’s agreement is between the obligated steward and the reporter.
  • It is entirely voluntary and Stewardship Ontario does not compel any company to sign such an agreement.
  • The voluntary reporter’s agreement form can be completed electronically and must be signed by both parties prior to review and approval by Stewardship Ontario.
  • Reporters must file separately for each company with which they have an agreement.
  • As part of the agreement Stewardship Ontario directly invoices the obligated steward upon receipt of the reports submitted by the reporter and it is the obligated steward who is obliged to pay that invoice.

Stewardship Ontario recommends reporters and stewards review the agreement carefully to ensure all roles and responsibilities are understood prior to completing an agreement.


  • Download Reporter’s Agreement Form (PDF)
  • Save to your computer
  • Complete required fields
  • Print the form and provide required signatures
  • Mail three original signed copies of the document to Steward Services, 1 St. Clair Ave. West, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON, Canada M4V 1K6

Stewardship Ontario will authorize the agreement by signing the three documents and sending one copy back to the steward and one copy to the reporter. The third signed copy will be retained by Stewardship Ontario.

For more information please contact Steward Services by phone 1-888-288-3360 or via email

For information regarding the termination of your Reporter’s Agreement, please refer to section 4.0 of the Reporter’s Agreement Form.

Stewardship Ontario asks that both parties send notification to when the decision to cancel an agreement is made.

For general inquiries, please contact Steward Services:
1-888-288-3360 or 416-323-0101

Download this file
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