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Update Regarding 2014 Blue Box Fees

2014 Blue Box Rules Not Yet Approved

Blue Box stewards, please be advised that Stewardship Ontario’s 2014 Blue Box Rules have not yet been approved by Waste Diversion Ontario’s Board of Directors due to the uncertainty that currently surrounds the negotiations with municipalities on the 2014 steward obligation.  Those negotiations have now been sent to arbitration, and fees that reflect the actual obligation cannot be calculated until the outcome of the arbitration is known.

Therefore the 2014 Blue Box Program Fee Schedule, which is an Appendix to the 2014 Rules, have not been approved and cannot be used for the calculation of steward invoices at this time.

What impact does this have on 2014 steward invoices?

As an interim measure, Stewardship Ontario must apply the 2013 Fee Schedule rates to the calculation of stewards’ 2014 quarterly invoices, in accordance with Section 5.2 of the Blue Box Rules. The first set of 2014 invoices will be sent out to stewards in early April.

There was a Q&A held during a March 20 webinar. You can access the webinar here. The Q&A regarding the 2014 fees starts one hour into the webinar. A Q&A document will also be posted soon.

You can access the 2013 fees below:

Download this file
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