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Aluminum Containers Aluminum can be recycled repeatedly, and most of the empties are typically melted, re-cast and refilled within 60 days. Recycling aluminum uses a tiny fraction of the energy it takes to refine ore from scratch—and aluminum can be used in everything from CDs to passenger jets. Steel Containers Because steel never loses quality or strength, it can be endlessly recycled. The raw material from recovered steel containers is used to make new containers, as well as products like chains and piping, household appliances, automotive parts and reinforcing bars (rebar). PET Plastic Bottles Lightweight Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic is infinitely recyclable and can be used to manufacture new bottles as well as items such as polar fleece, broadloom, rope, brush bristles, car bumpers and household furnishings. Glass Bottles & Jars As an infinitely recyclable material, the glass from bottles and jars can be used to make new glass containers. It also becomes a raw material for products like fibreglass insulation, high traction road surfaces and reflective signs, as well as construction aggregate. Polycoat Containers These food and beverage cartons include packaging for liquids like juice, broth, wine and milk, as well as ice cream tubs and beverage cups. They are recyclables that come back as paper towels, paper trays, cardboard and tissues. Rigid Plastics High density plastics, used to make containers like laundry and household cleaning bottles, come back as many new products, including decking, picnic tables, deck chairs, gardening supplies and even the Blue Box itself. Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues & Household Paper Old newspapers, magazines, catalogues and household paper, such as statements, bills and envelopes come back as fresh paper stock. They can also be made into products like boxboard, drywall, egg cartons, insulation and bedding trays. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes & Boxboard Corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled into new boxes, biodegradable garden supplies, drywall liner, kraft paper (strong and relatively coarse), gift wrap and a variety of brown paper products, such as towelling.
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Aluminum Containers Steel Containers PET Plastic Bottles Glass Bottles & Jars Polycoat Containers Rigid Plastics Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues & Household Paper Corrugated Cardboard & Boxboard
Recycled Aluminum Containers can become Beverage
CDs Aircraft Cars Bicycles Boats Computers Cookware Gutters & Siding
Recycled Steel Containers can become Steel Containers Chains Pipes Car Parts Household Appliances Structural Steel
Recycled PET Plastic bottles can become Plastic Bottles Polar Fleece Boradloom Rope Brush Bristles Car Bumpers Household Furnishings
Recycled Glass Bottles & Jars can become Bottles & Jars Fibreglass Reflective Signs High Traction Road Surfaces Construction Aggregate
Recycled Polycoat Containers can become Paper Towels Cardboard Tissue
Recycled Rigid Plastics can become Picnic Tables Deck Chairs Decking Blue Boxes Flower Pots Watering Cans
Recycled Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogues & Household Paper can become Fresh Newsprint Boxboard Drywall Egg Cartons Insulation Bedding Trays
Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Boxes & Boxboard can become New Boxes Biodegradable Garden Supplies Drywall Liner Kraft Paper Brown Paper Towelling Gift Wrap
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