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Having registered as a steward and confirmed your obligation, what are your next steps? Gather data on the quantity and kinds of designated printed materials and packaging that was supplied into the Ontario marketplace for each year that your company is obligated to report. The data includes:

  • The types of materials used in the packaging and printed materials that your company supplied that will be managed in the province’s municipal residential waste system
  • The weight of each material used in the packaging and printed material (empty packaging weights and printed material weights)
  • A detailed explanation of the methods used to calculate these weights
  • The brand names, trademarks and/or publication titles for which you have reported designated Blue Box materials.

You will also need to provide information on all deductions, exemptions and calculations. Supporting documentation (spreadsheets, tables, study results, etc.) should be provided on request.

You are required to file a steward’s report for every year for which you or your company is obligated. Before you start, please refer to the instructions in Guidebook for Stewards: Preparing Your Report

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