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Stewardship Ontario by the Numbers – Expenses

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Program Expenses – Blue Box

All but a few cents of every dollar we collect from our stewards is channelled directly to recycling programs:

Blue Box Program Expenses 2013 $99.2m


Blue Box Program Expenses 2012 $96.0m

Box Expenses - 2012

Blue Box Program Expenses 2011 $95.4m


Blue Box Program Expenses 2010 $88.8m


Blue Box Program Expenses 2009 $71.6m


Blue Box Program Expenses 2008 $58.6m

Blue Box Program Expenses 2008

Program Expenses – Orange Drop2

Orange Drop Program Expenses 2013 $44.5m


Orange Drop Program Expenses 2012 $50.5m

Orange Drop Expenses 2012

Orange Drop Program Expenses 2011 $56m


Orange Drop Program Expenses 2010 $47.5m


Orange Drop Program Expenses 2009 $25.6m

Orange Drop Expenses 2009

Note that 100% EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) came into effect on July 1, 2010 resulting in different levels of program expenses between 2009 and 2011.

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