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One Stop for Recycling and Reuse: Recycling Plus by The Beer Store makes it easier to do the right thing in Toronto

The Beer Store, in cooperation with Stewardship Ontario and Sims Recycling Solutions, offers a one-stop drop off for empty alcohol containers, paint, batteries and household electronics

(February 15, 2013, Toronto, ON) Recycling Plus by the Beer Store (Recycling Plus) is a pilot project designed to increase the recycling and reuse of a wide range of consumer products. The collection facility, located in Toronto’s west end, was unveiled today by Ontario’s Minister of the Environment, Jim Bradley.

Recycling Plus, open 7 days a week, is a one-stop shop where consumers can offload a wide range of obsolete electronics, batteries and paint (see complete list in backgrounder) while returning their empty beer, wine, spirit and cooler containers. The project is done in cooperation with two partners. Stewardship Ontario, through its Orange Drop Program, will oversee the collection and safe processing of batteries, paints, stains, and coatings andSims Recycling Solutions will process the returned Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE).

This integrated approach is an evolution of The Beer Store’s deposit return programs to make returns easier for business owners and consumers with high volumes of beer and liquor containers.

Speaking at this morning’s ribbon cutting ceremony, Ted Moroz, President of The Beer Store, said, “The Beer Store is proud of our long-standing environmental program, which now recovers over 90% of all beer and over 80% of all wine, spirit and cooler containers, amounting to over 480,000 tonnes of packaging a year diverted from Ontario landfills. It’s a part of our business and a part of our values.”

Moroz continued, “We were eager to use our expertise to allow for increased waste diversion in other industries, while at the same time making it more convenient for our customers to return their empties. I would like to acknowledge our staff who are already engaged in our successful reuse and recycling programs and were eager to embrace the pilot project.”

After being introduced by Mr. Moroz, Minister Bradley stated, “Ensuring that waste is collected and managed properly is vital to keeping our land and water clean. So it is great to have a facility like this: a true one-stop shop where waste-conscious Ontarians can bring their bottles, paint, batteries, and electronics. I applaud The Beer Store’s integrated approach to recycling which is a first for Ontario.”

Lyle Clarke, Executive Vice President of Stewardship Ontario, noted, “Since the Orange Drop Program launched in 2008, over 72,000 tonnes of household hazardous waste has been diverted from landfills and waterways in Ontario. We are excited to further expand our program by partnering in the Recycling Plus pilot to collect batteries and paint, and ensure that even more waste is diverted from landfill and recycled.”

Cindy Coutts, President of Sims Recycling Solutions Canada, reminded attendees that Ontario, home to 39% of Canada’s population, has a mandated Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) recycling program. Sims estimates that there is an opportunity to recover, reuse and recycle approximately 75,000 metric tonnes per year of WEEE in Ontario alone. Ms. Coutts said, “Sims is thrilled to have the opportunity to responsibly recycle electronics collected at Recycling Plus at the world’s most technologically advanced WEEE processing facility, just up the road in Mississauga.”

The Recycling Plus by The Beer Store pilot was officially opened by The Beer Store staff and the Minister of the Environment, with representatives of the Toronto Environment Alliance returning a box of old computer parts, paint and beer bottles through a green ribbon for sorting and delivery to the recycling partners.

For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact:

Don Huff, Environmental Communication Options, 416-972-7404, 416-805-7720 (onsite) or

Backgrounder: What does Recycling Plus by The Beer Store accept for recycling and reuse?

Wine, beer and spirit containers purchased in Ontario, can be returned to The Beer Store (or other designated locations like Recycling Plus) for a full deposit refund.


  • Glass bottles
  • Bag-in-box
  • Tetra Pak containers
  • Plastic bottles (PET)
  • Aluminum and steel containers on which deposits have been charged

Paints and coatings (in containers 20 litres or smaller)


  • Interior and exterior house paints: Latex, alkyd, enamel
  • Undercoaters, primers, metal and rust paints
  • Stains, Urethane, polyurethane, varnish
  • Sealers for wood and concrete
  • Roof and driveway sealers

Types of paints and coatings NOT accepted:

  • Automotive paint, marine paint and aerosols.



  • Single-use dry cell batteries (i.e. non-rechargeable batteries)
  • Accepted chemistries include: alkaline manganese, lithium, silver oxide, zinc-air and zinc-carbon batteries.

Electronic Waste (WEEE) accepted


  • TV CRT, TV Flat Screen Monitor CRT, Monitor Flat Screen, Computer – Desktop, Computer – Laptop, Server, Printer, Cell Phone, keyboards, speakers, cables, scanners, typewriters, telephones and answering machine, scanners and printers, video players and recorders, amps, receivers and radios (partial list)

WEEE materials NOT accepted (partial list):

  • Smoke Detectors, medical electronics, electronics containing Ozone Depleting Substances (such as air conditioners)

Recycling Plus by The Beer Store

299 Campbell Avenue (Facing Dupont St., one block west of Lansdowne Ave.) Toronto, ON M6P 3V6

Store Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. 

Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

Sunday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Beer Store ( is the trading name for Brewers Retail, a privately owned, joint-venture chain of 447 retail outlets in Ontario, founded in 1927. We offer the largest selection of beer products, including over 350 brands from Canada and around the world. Environmental leadership is one of The Beer Store’s core values. We take back 100% of all beer packaging as well as all wine and spirit containers. The Beer Store is owned by Labatt Brewing Company Ltd., Molson Coors Canada and Sleeman Breweries Ltd. The Beer Store currently operates under the authority of the Liquor Control Act and the Alcohol Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act, 1996. For more information, please visit

Tamara Burns, VP Operations, presents a cheque for $11,700 to the Kwartha Turtle Trauma Centre.

Battery Drive Raises $11,700 for Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre

November 28, 2012 – “Make every battery count” was the message from Stewardship Ontario to encourage participation in a drive to collect used batteries for recycling.

From October 15 to November 4, 2012, Ontarians were prompted to find their nearest used battery drop-off location on their mobile phone and choose one of two environmental charities to receive a donation.

For every battery dropped off and recorded on their mobile device, Stewardship Ontario donated $0.30 per battery, up to a maximum of $15,000, for drop-offs made before November 4.

“We are thrilled to receive this donation and thank all those who made the effort to drop-off their used batteries for recycling,” said Dr. Sue Carstairs, Executive Director and Medical Director, Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre. “Local enthusiasm for the battery drive was superb; local schools, colleges, businesses and residents all did their bit to collect batteries, drop them off and choose our charity as the benefactor of the donation.”

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre is a non-profit, registered charity in Peterborough, ON that operates a hospital for injured wild turtles. Once healed, these turtles are released back into their natural habitat. The centre also provides an outreach program to promote healthy turtle populations and stewardship. So far this year, the centre has cared for 635 turtles, including over 400 babies and has 180 turtles that will be spending the winter at the centre as they await their spring release.

“The reaction to the battery drive has been very impressive,” said Paul Gerard, spokesman for Stewardship Ontario. “By recycling our batteries, we ensure that valuable metals and components in spent batteries can be reclaimed for re-use to make new metals, fertilizers and even new batteries.”

The battery drive was run to raise awareness that batteries can be dropped-off for recycling at over 2,000 locations across Ontario. People can visit to locate their nearest drop-off location. Battery drop-off sites are funded by the makers of batteries through Stewardship Ontario’s Orange Drop Program, which manages the collection, recycling and safe disposal of hazardous or special wastes including antifreeze, pesticides and fertilizers, oil filters and oil containers, paints and coatings, pressurized containers such as propane tanks and oxygen and helium tanks, and solvents such as paint thinners and degreasers.

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