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About Orange Drop

Stewardship Ontario began operating the Orange Drop Program (MHSW) in July, 2008. In 2017, Automotive Materials Stewardship (AMS) began managing antifreeze, oil containers and oil filters. Fully funded by industry, MHSW and AMS have five materials:

  • Single-use batteries
  • Pressurized cylinders that held propane, oxygen, helium or other gasses
  • Vehicle engine antifreeze/coolant
  • Empty lubricating oil containers
  • Oil filters


There are many drop-off locations throughout Ontario accepting hazardous or special waste:

  • 30 return-to-retail locations (batteries)
  • 87 municipal household hazardous waste depots for all five materials
  • 850+ automotive DIY drop-off sites (antifreeze, oil containers, oil filters)
  • 10,000+ automotive service centre locations (antifreeze, oil containers, oil filters) for commercial users
  • 300+ annual collection events
  • 85 provincial parks where non-refillable propane cylinders are collected from campers
  • 4,000+ battery collection sites

Orange Drop Facts

2.5 M Litres
The Orange Drop Program (MHSW) recovered a total of 2.5 million litres of antifreeze from the marketplace in 2011. That’s more than all the water you’ll find at Great Wolf Lodge’s 10,000 square foot indoor water park near Niagara Falls.

90 Parks
In 2011, Orange Drop picked up 102,000 kilograms of propane cylinders from 90 Ontario parks. That’s the weight of about 56,000 barbequed chickens.

1M Kilograms
The weight of single-use batteries collected in 2011, equal to the weight of nearly 2 million action figures.

26,000 Tonnes
The total tonnage of hazardous or special waste collected in 2011. That equals the combined weight of over 230,000 sumo wrestlers.

8.6M Kilograms
The amount of steel collected through the program in 2011. That’s the weight of about 6,230 Toyota Prius cars.

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